Community Manager

Telecommute · Switzerland


Status is growing our core team, and we're looking for both an English and Chinese Community Manager to join us part-time or full-time. You will play a major role in communicating our vision for what we're building at Status.

We already have a really wonderful group of people helping to support the project, and we're seeking someone with excellent public communication skills who cares deeply about Ethereum and decentralization.

A strong technical understanding of Status is preferred. You will be working alongside Tatu, Carl, Jarrad, and the rest of our development team.

The role includes:

We only hire people who are able to do a job better than we could do it ourselves, so the successful candidate will be overflowing with communication strategies for Status that they can begin applying right away.

You must be fluent in English or Chinese at a native speaker level, with outstanding verbal and written communication skills. We don’t mind where you live, our current team of 10 is scattered all over the world.

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  2. Then join and PM @carl
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